Microsoft Skype 5.9 for Windows Update (June 2012) – deployed by WSUS, how to remove

Probably you have noticed if you are using WSUS server in your network environment that new category has been added into the repository .. SKYPE version 5.9 started to be offered via WSUS by Microsoft . There are  or were few issues with this rollout and update since this suppose to be deployed only to the machines thjat already have earlier version of SKYPE installed. Unfortunatelly it got messed up and happened that it was pushed down the line to every client on the network. If this happened to you and you want to uninstall this update from one or multiple machines you can do it via psexec and here are the provided command lines:

psexec \computername -h -s MsiExec.exe /X{EE7257A2-39A2-4D2F-9DAC-F9F25B8AE1D8} /qn

or remove it from list of machines

psexec @C:pclist.txt -h -s MsiExec.exe /X{EE7257A2-39A2-4D2F-9DAC-F9F25B8AE1D8} /qn

This should take care of the removal of unwanted SKYPE roll up or update on your machines.

For you info it should be now disabled/expired update as of today on the WSUS servers and should not be distributed over your network.

The new update of Skype is providing these enhancements:

  • Voice and video calling your Facebook friends from Skype
  • Taking video snapshots during your video calls with a hotkey
  • Microsoft Bing Bar included as part of the install package