How to remove duplicate imported items in Outlook 2003/2007/2010

When you import items into Microsoft Office Outlook and you add the contact as a duplicate, or if duplicate detection is turned off, there is not an option to remove duplicate items after you import. This could happen if you have moved your Outlook from computer to computer and imported your old PST file into new Outlook. Suddenly you may end up with duplicate emails, contacts  or calendar items. There is existing Microsoft KB article on this issue and has all steps covered how to do it manual way. I have found 2 interesting FREE and PAID tools to fix this problem easy way.

Here is a list of FREE tools with GUI that you can use and carry out the task of removal all duplicate items from your MS Outlook client.

Here is another superior tool – ( free up to 250 contacts ) – has great features and supports not ONLY MS Outlook on Windows computer but also Outlook for Mac computers, Google Apps and Gmail. This tool Scrubly – work only with contacts on all those platforms and get the job done very quickly 🙂 If you do not have more than 250 contacts – it is FREE.