How to Hard reset ASUS Android tablet

I have forgotten my password for Asus tablet that is running Android and I am now unable to access it or use it. Here are simple few steps how to hard reset the tablet – it will wipe out the device which is not bog issue for me since all is anyhow  saved in my cloud storage services. Lets hard reset also know factory reset myAsus tablet:

  • Power off the device
  • Press the volume button and press Power button
  • As the device powering up hold both of those buttons til you see screen instructions
  • Bootloader screen will appear and you will have 4 options
  • Press the volume button UP and move to the last option Wipe Up
  • Press Volume button Down to confirm and start the reset process
  • Wait for the device to go trough the process and continue setup your device step by step per the screen instructions

This will erased all your data on the device and you will need to setup the device from scratch same way as you did first day when you purchased it.



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