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Error: Missing Dependency: on RHEL 5 updating Graphviz

I am trying to update Graphviz package to the latest version on our RHEL 5 server and getting error message:

graphviz-2.34.0-1.el5.x86_64 from graphviz-stable has depsolving problems
  –> Missing Dependency: is needed by package graphviz-2.34.0-1.el5 .x86_64 (graphviz-stable)
Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package graphviz-2.34.0-1.el 5.x86_64 (graphviz-stable)
You could try using –skip-broken to work around the problem

This is only issue that is breaking my update and here is how to fix it.

  • Download the missing file from here Ann-Libs
  • Install it first on the server
  • Rerun yum
cd downloads
rmp -i ann-libs-1.1.1-2.el5.x86_64.rpm
yum update

Now the yum will refresh and you should be able to install all updates for the Graphviz tool on your RHEL 5 server.

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