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How to configure Google Apps account with Pidgin and OTR

Since I have switched fully now to Linux platform, I am trying also use tools and consolidate all my messaging account to be used with one tool. I have selected Pidgin messenger since this tool is supporting wide range of messaging platforms and protocols and is also available for both Windows as well as Linux. I am trying to configure my Google Apps  account to be used with Pidgin. This is the latest version of the Pidgin and the steps are really simple:

  • Once you have installed the Pidgin, open it
  • Click on Accounts > Manage Accounts
  • Click Add
  • Under Basic tab select  Protocol as XMPP
  • Enter user name ( if you email is enter John
  • Enter Domain as
  • Skip Resource
  • Enter your password and check Remember password
  • If you would like to see email notification check New Email Notification
  • Click Advanced tab on the top
  • Connection Security – keep as Require Encryption
  • Connect server enter : talk.
  • Keep rest as it is and click Save
  • Click Add and your account should be now configured and you would see your buddy list appearing in the window

Pidgin with Google Apps

Pidgin is great messaging platform and if you would like also use for encrypted chat or so called Off The Record, you will need to install Off – The – Record plugin and configure it. Once installed, click on Preferences > Plugins > Off The Record > Configure and generate your private key. Once done, you will be able to use encrypted safe chat with anyone.

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