Attach Outlook contacts to Account in MS CRM 2011

You have bunch existing contacts in your Microsoft Outlook client and you want attach these existing contacts into Accounts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Here are few easy steps how to attach existing Outlook contacts to accounts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

  • Open Outlook and go to Contacts
  • Locate and group contacts by company (if you have few contacts per company)
  • Now highlight the group of contacts for the company/account
  • On Outlook toolbar – CRM option click on Set Parent
  • Look Up Record CRM window will popup in your Outlook
  • Now you can find the Account/Company in CRM where you want to attach these contacts
  • Once you found your Account, there should be checkbox on and click OK
  • You will see progress on your screen and see Synchronizing Microsoft Dynamics Data screen
  • If no errors, status should say COMPLETE and you can click now OK to close the window
  • All those contacts are now attached to this Account
  • Go to CRM, search for the Account, open it and click on Contacts, you should now see all those attached contacts you just imported 🙂

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