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How to upgrade Ubuntu 14.04 to the latest Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Here is just quick how to upgrade your old Ubuntu 14 machine to the latest and newest and expected Ubuntu 16.04 LTS distribution. Currently the Ubuntu 16 is in Beta 2 and will be released in next 2 weeks to public. I have run these commands bellow and instead of Ubuntu 15, I have been offered Ubuntu 16 as the latest and available upgrade for my machine.

Simply follow up these commands and reboot the machine:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo reboot

Once you have your Ubuntu back, open terminal and run this command:

sudo update-managed -d

You will get a popup window and will be offered with upgrade to the latest available UBUNTU 16 build. Click on UPGRADE button and let it run trough long process on your machine. Once all done – reboot again and you will need to do two last things – check for updates and correct small issue.

sudo apt-get update
sudo dpkg --configure -a

Done — you have now new beautiful UBUNTU 16.04 LTS on your machine, I must say so far I like it a lot an do not have any issues. Now I have to just run all my custom scripts to bring it up to my customized look 🙂

Hardware specs: ACER ONE netbook, 1GB RAM, 750GB HDD

Also you can confirm what you have now installed:

sudo lsb_release -a
## You should see details on the installed distribution on your machine
Distribution ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 16.04 (Development Branch)
Release: 16.04 LTS
Codename: xenial

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