How to install OpenVAS vulnerability scanner on CentOS 6.3

OpenVAS is a framework of several services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability scanningand vulnerability management solution. The powerful and comprehensive OpenVAS solution is available as Free Software and maintained on a daily basis.

This tool is very simple and easy to install and here are the steps to install it on CentOS 6.3 server:

  • OpenVas package is not available in standard repos, so we need to add Atomicorp Repository
wget -q -O – |sh
  • You will be prompted to agree, type YES
  • You just wait till the process complete
  • Now lets start the installation of OpenVas
yum install openvas
  • Run the setup to update the vulnerability database and create users and certificates
  • Next run this command
  • During the process you will be asked to create an user and passowrd to acess and manage your installtion of OpenVAS
  • Once completed go to https://localhost:9392 and login with the credentials

In case you got error during the setup regarding plugins no worries, you can run the plugin update manually:


Now you can continue with configuration, adding hosts, adding credentials for scans as well as creating the tasks.


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  1. Hello in that first wget command – is placed as twice or there may be error in your editor. If i copy and run there comes error, only after deleting and typing only once, it executes….Thanks

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