Windows 10

How to get the uptime info in Windows 10

Here is few ways to find out system information and especially when the Windows 10 machine has been booted up and what is the up time for the machine:

Tip # 1 – Using Task Manager

  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and open Task Manager > Performance Tab
  • In lower right corner you can see up time status

Tip # 2 – Using systeminfo utility

  • Open Command line and enter this command:
C:\>systeminfo | find "System Boot Time:"
  • This utility provides more info as boot time, up time, when installed the Windows, OS version, CPU, domain … etc

Tip # 3 – use Net Statistic utility

  • Open Command line and enter this command:
C:\>net statistics workstation
  • Note that this utility sometimes does not provide very accurate info

Tip # 4 – using WMI command

  • Open Command line and enter this command:
C:\>wmic os get lastbootuptime

Tip # 5 – Of course – use PowerShell 😉

  • Open PowerShell and type in:
PS C:\> (get-date) - (gcim Win32_OperatingSystem).LastBootUpTime
  • Once you execute it , it will provide you detail up time info for your machine

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