How to force Group Policy update on all machines from MERAKI console

What isMeraki ? Meraki is a brand of network gear from Cisco but is running under its own name Meraki and all these devices are cloud manageable — which is great! Meraki came on my radar last year and since I have fallen in love with this brand and deployed bunch of them over time on different size of networks. They are very powerful and yet very simple and fast to setup. Meraki also provide other services such as MDM – completely FREE and you can manage all your devices, computers under MDM once you enrolled them into your management with installation of client. It supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and as well as Chromebooks 🙂

Once you have enrolled your devices by installation of the Meraki client to your management console, you can do very interesting things 🙂 :

  • deploy MSI package to Windows machines
  • deploy package or app to iOS, MAC computers
  • deploy app for Android devices
  • you fully control them and manage them
  • you can even have full console access to the machine or you can have remote desktop session

What I found out today on my Meraki MX80, you can also run and execute command remotely on one or bunch of machines from MERAKI management console. So I have logged into my console – System Manager and from the menu on left side in the window I have go through this menu:

  1. Monitor
  2. Command line

Now you can select what devices you want to include by selecting them individually or all, as well by OS .. so I am selected few Windows machines where I need to refresh Group policy as I have just made few changes, Instead of waiting for user to run the command or for reboot — you can utilize the command line window  in Meraki. In command windows I have entered : gpupdate /force and click Run.

Instantly it gives you update on execution of your command – see my screenshot. This way I have forces gpupdate on selected machines and all is good,



Meraki offers a lot of tools for network admin 🙂

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