Windows 10

How to download Windows 10 iso image and create bootable medium

If you are one of those who cannot wait longer to get your hands dirty with Windows 10, here is how to download it the ISO image and install later on your machine.

Simply go to this Microsoft Windows 10 website and follow up these steps:

  • make sure you have at least 4GB to 8GB of free space
  • download the 32 or 64 bit tool
  • install the proper version of tool
  • Select Upgrade if you want to upgrade your machine or Select Create Installation media
  • Select language, Windows edition, Architecture – select BOTH if you want 32 and 64 bit OS on same medium
  • Select download ISO image or create USB
  • Once ISO is downloaded, burn it into DVD medium

Note: if you get error during installation of Windows 10, reboot and try again as well check this link for Windows 10 install troubleshooting tips.

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