How to add two-factor authentication into WordPress with Yubico

I  think it is not necessary talk how important security become these days. There is wide popularity of using all kind of CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal and many more. It is always good idea to add extra layer of security. I will  just describe how to enable two-factor authentication for WordPress with use of YubiKey. The one-time password requirement can be enabled on a per user basis. CMS applications are becoming increasingly mission critical to the operations of many businesses. YubiKey two-factor authentication is supported in leading open source content management systems (CMS), giving you the option to secure your CMS with the YubiKey.

The steps are very simple as well as the configuration:

  • You should have already YubiKey purchased and have it handy
  • Download and install YubiKey plugin for WordPress
  • Enable the YubiKey plugin
  • Go to Settings > YubiKey section
  • You will be provided with link to obtain API & ID key at the website
  • Once you have the info, you enter the API & ID in the fields for the plugin and click Save Changes
  • Log off and try to log on to your WordPress

You should have now additional line on login page for OTP where you can now use your YubiKey in order to login to WordPress.

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