DotNet3.5 framework failing to install on Windows 8.1

Running to funny problem with installation of DotNet framework 3.5 on some machines that have been upgraded or are running Windows 8.1. Some applications required to have installed this DotNet framework in order to run and it is failing to install via updates, adding features as well if downloaded as a full 231MB package.

Here is solution to the problem:

  • Insert the installtion media with Windows 8.1 into your DVD-Rom drive
  • Open CMD as Administrator
  • Run this command in order to install the framework on your Windows 8.1 machine
dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /All /Source:f:sourcessxs /LimitAccess


Note “f:” – represents the DVD-ROM drive letter on my machine so if your DVD-ROM is E: or D: use that letter. Once you run the command it will take some time, you will see it jumps to 60% progress and from there it takes good 3-4 minutes to complete. Once completed – you will see notification on that screen that operation completed successfully. Now the DotNet framework is installed on your machine and you can proceed with installation of applications.

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