Setup quick HTTP server with Python and share files

Sometimes you may run into need to run quickly web server on your machine – regardless if this is Linux or Mac and you can setup HTTP server in one command line and share files right away.

As long you make sure you have installed Python on your machine, you can now navigate to the directory where you have files you want to share with your fellow co-workers quickly over network. Lets assume I want to share directory PACKAGE with my team.

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

This is it! Quick and simple. Go to your browser and enter your IP address and port 8000. This is default port for this simple webserver. You just need to share your IP:8000 with your team and they can easily access and download the files in the directory PACKAGE 🙂 I did not try this on Windows under Cygwin – but I believe this should work under Cygwin as well.

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