PowerShell one liner – Find user profiles on computer

Here I am again with new PowerShell one liner. This time I have a one liner that allows you to pull and see info on user profiles on the computer. This can be great tool if you trying to find out what obsolete profiles you may have on the machine and you are in process of clean up.

Get-ChildItem 'HKLM:SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionProfileList'| get-itemproperty | select ProfileImagePath

Another good books with PowerShell subject:

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Post corrected based on comments from Jeffery Hicks the author of great book – Managing Active Directory with PowerShell – Thank you. As well he was kind to point out that you can use WMI in case you want to query profiles from remote machines by:

 get-wmiobject win32_userprofile

Thanks !!