Outlook 2007/2010 notification alert and desktop alert on new item does not work in Windows 7

I never paid attention to this till today when user who just switched from Windows XP to Windows 7 brought up this issue. Since he switched to Windows 7, he noticed that when new email arrives to his mailbox on MS Exchange there is no longer desktop alert or envelope alert sitting in his task bar area as it used to be. I have checked out his MS Outlook 2007 and all settings are correct and the alert suppose to show up when new email is received. I sent test email and nothing except the sound that new item was received.

How to setup the alert:

  • Open Outlook 2007
  • Click on Tools > Options > Preferences
  • Click on E-Mail Options > Advanced E-Mail Options
  • Check Show envelope icon in notification area
  • Check Display a New Mail Desktop
  • Click Desktop Alert Settings – and tune up how big and for how long the notification should be visible
  • You can test the notification by clicking on Preview

I did and nothing …well, here is the thing. This is Windows 7 and I forgot that the notifications are controlled different way. So you have to additionally go to your right down corner to notification area and click on Customize. Once you click on Customize you are able to setup correctly the notification and you will need to change the status  to Show icon and notification as show in the picture bellow.

Once I made these changes all alerts now work – envelope icon in task bar as well as the desktop popup alert when new email is received.