How to send encrypted email message in Google Apps

This is no problem if I am using my Microsoft Outlook on my computer with Google Apps since I am using PGP encryption for my email communication. However this become a problem once on road and I am using my Google Chromebook. How do you secure and encrypt your email communication ? After some search and testing I have found very interesting open source tool that works great and adds additional value to secure and encrypt your Gmail or Google Apps email in browser 🙂

Here is the tool : SafeGmail

  • Simply go to Google Webstore
  • Add the extension into your Chrome browser
  • Log off and log back in to your Gmail or Google Apps email
  • Click Compose email
  • Note checkbox – Encrypt – check the box
  • Create the question and answer
  • Compose your email and you are ready to send encrypted email
  • However you have to make sure that receiving party knows or is able to answer your question 🙂

[nggallery id=21]

Here is simple and easy solution to send fully secured and encrypted email from Google Chromebook 🙂



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