How to find your IMEI code on BlackBerry 9800

What is IMEI you ask? Well IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity – this is very unique number associated with your mobile phone. You can find the IMEI number on your device in two ways:

  1. By removing back cover and battery and there is a sticker with the number
  2. By entering this code on your phone *#06#
  3. Now you should see the IMEI (15 -digits long number) on your display

What you can do with this number? Well, if you do not like to buy a new phone and you want to switch provider, You will need this number to provide to UNLOCK site to get the MEP2 – unlock code for your BlackBerry device. By UNLOCKING your Blackberry mobile phone now you can go to any provider and any country, get a new SIM and start using their service :-).

Now, did I try to UNLOCK my BlackBerry 9800 phone ? You bet . .I have used services of this online UNLOCKING site: It worked and I was able to receive my MEP2 code in less than 5 minutes and for very low price ONLY $9.95

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