BlackBerry 9000 – shortcuts

Here is short list of few useful shortcuts when you work on your Black Berry.

Reply to a message Press R.
To reply to all in an email message Press L.
Forward a message Press F.
File a highlighted email message Press I.
View email address of a contact In a message, highlight the contact. Press Q.

Open a highlighted message Press the Enter key.
Compose a message from a message list Press C.
Mark a message as opened or unopened Press Alt key and U.
View received messages Press Alt key and I.
View sent messages Press Alt key and O.
View voicemail messages Press Alt key and V.
View SMS text messages Press Alt key and S.
View call logs Press Alt key and P.
View all your messages again Press Escape key.

Move up a screen Press the Shift key and the Space key.
Move down a screen Press the Space key.
Move to the top of a message list Press T.
Move to the bottom of a message list Press B.
Move to the next date Press N.
Move to the previous date Press P.
Move to the next unopened item Press U.
Move to the next related message Press J.
Move to the previous related message Press K.

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