How to locate, protect, backup and wipe your BlackBerry phone

So you are wondering how you can protect your BlackBerry phone and your private data on the device. Well, let me tell you the good news. The RIM has released FREE software for its phones the BlackBerry that once installed you are required to create a new user profile with your email and password. Once you have created the profile, you just login on your phone and now you can configure all the available features such as backup and what to backup, how often ..etc.

What is really great about this app is that you can also login to this app via any browser and access the console where you have all options available. This app is offering these features:

  • Locate your lost, stolen Blackberry phone

  • Backup of your contacts and data
  • Easy transfer of the data and setting to new phone
  • Remote lock and wipe of all sensitive and private data

  • Remote loud ring – it rings for 1 minute really very loud

  • Remote lock of the phone and change password
  • Remote post a message on home screen of your phone and disable it

  • As well if you have more phones (family or business) you can register them under one account J

The software is available for download via the App Store from your BlackBerry phone or from this link here. I have found this app very useful and I am sure you will too, especially if you get to unpleasant situation with your lost or stolen phone..

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