LiveScribe connect for ECHO smartpen – now able to sync with Google Apps

This is absolutely great news for me as I was waiting for this feature for a long time. In meantime I was using to sync with EverNote but it was not the same as the possibility to finally connect to my Google Apps and sync the created documents, notes with my Google Docs. Livescribe has released new updated software for Desktop version 2.7.2 as well as now released a new plugin the Livescribe Connector. Live scribe connect is not free … it cost 14.99 USD but it is worth every penny.

“Note: All 4GB and 8GB Echo smartpen users receive Livescribe Connect Premium for free as part of their Livescribe Desktop download. All Pulse and 2GB Echo smartpen users can upgrade to Connect Premium for these additional sharing capabilities.”

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to store and purchase the Livescribe connector
  3. Download and install the new Livescribe Desktop software

  1. Connect your Smartpen ECHO and you will be forced to run update and install the latest firmware for your pen

  1. Once you have sync and upgraded your pen you will see on left site in the Desktop console a new menu Connector where you can now configure your settings

  1. Click on the Connector and you will get a full menu where you can select which connector you would like to configure
  2. I have selected Google Docs, typed my email address and password for my Google Apps account

Once you have typed in your credentials, click on Test Connection, if all is good you will see in the left lower corner message that you are now connected to your Google Docs.

Now you can click on any of your documents, notes an send it to your Google Docs .. simple and easy J

Perfect !

Google Docs Connector

  • Collaborate on projects quickly and easily using your smartpen and Google Docs. Anyone working can quickly share a pencast with their team.
  • Post handwritten notes and audio recordings from your paper using the Google Docs shortcut, just write “Google” and select the pages you want to send.
  • Drag and drop your pages, with or without audio, directly from Livescribe Desktop to the Google Docs Connector.

With Livescribe Connect, you can also create and share your notes and audio recordings as interactive pencast PDFs. Now anyone with the free Adobe Reader(R) 10 or higher can easily hear, see and share an interactive Pencast PDF.

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