Windows XP: Windows cannot display the volume control on the taskbar …

You got virus infection (Antivirus 2011 or similar) on your Windows XP SP3 machine. You have removed the virus infection form your computer and cleaned up everything. Rebooted your system and suddenly you do not have sound enabled on your computer. You go to START > CONTROL PANEL and click on SOUND and trying to check out the option to add the volume icon in to your taskbar. Once you did it and clicked OK or APPLY you get this error message:

“Windows cannot display the volume control on the taskbar because the Volume Control program has not been installed. To install it, use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.”

Well, there are two ways how to fix it:

  1. The easier way is to run the Microsoft Windows Fixit tool and let Microsoft to fix it for you automatically
  2. You need to have your Windows installation CD handy and here are the few steps you will need to extract one file (sndvol32.exe) from the installation CD into your system drive C:WindowsSystem32
  • Insert your Windows installation CD into CDROM drive on computer
  • Click Start, and then click Run
  • In the box type cmd and press ENTER
  • Once the command prompt screen opens on your screen type cd and press ENTER
  • You should be now at the C:> , now change to your CDROM, if your CDROM is D: type D: and press ENTER
  • You will be now at the D:> , now type cd i386 and press ENTER
  • Now type this command: expand sndvol32.ex_ c:windowssystem32sndvol32.exe and press ENTER
  • NOTE: there is a space between sndvol32.ex_ and c:windows ….
  • It takes a second and the file will be placed in your system root directory, now type exit
  • Reboot your computer and you should hear the standard Windows sound once you log on and be now able to add the volume control icon on your taskbar without problem

For your reference here is Official Microsoft KB#319095

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