Google Apps – NEW – Desktop notification

Google has today released another update to GMAIL as well to Google Apps if you have checked to receive pre-release features – Desktop Notification. This is a new addition to improvements and what it does is that now you can also receive desktop notification on received new emails or receiving new important emails… It will allows you to be on top of the things J

This notification is created in HTML5 and allows you to be alerted by popup message on your desktop not only on chat activity but now also on new email arrival. This functionality is for now enabled only for users that are using Google Chrome browser. As of now all editions of Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Google Apps for Government and Education can setup and use this feature. Google supports all supported languages.

How to enable this feature:

  • Log on to your Google Apps account or GMAIL (email)
  • Click on Settings in upper right corner
  • Under Settings click on General tab
  • Scroll down and under Desktop Notification you can now set also notification for new email in your email box

  • Once you have made selection, make sure you save the changes.

More on this update can be found on official Google website here

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