Copying files over network on Windows 7 is slow

It seems that some users have same issues with copying files over network from or to Windows 7 as it was with Windows Vista. Sometimes just few GB of data takes forever to copy over, it is extremely slow and also access some files such as MS Word/Excel documents stored on network shared drives becomes painfully slow. I have searched for some solutions and it seems that there is some sort of fix for the Windows 7. However it seems that this problem is observed in majority by users that are using DELL computers with Broadcom network cards. other brand of computers do not see this issue that often.
So far two solutions may help you out to fix it and get your speed of data transfer back under control :


Solution # 1: Disabling Remote Differential Compression


  • Click on Turn Windows features on or off
  • In Windows feature window scroll down and uncheck box next to Remote Differential Compression
  • Click OK and restart your computer

However, here is important to say that the Remote Differential Compression (RDC) allows data to be synchronized with a remote source using compression to minimize the amount of data sent across network. Microsoft says that RDC is just DLL file without any impact on data transfer across network and end user should not disable it as it will affect some applications. YES or NO .. it is up to you, some  said it helped to increase the speed of data transfer, some said did not have any effect.

Solution # 2: Disabling Auto tuning

I think this will have more effect than the solution above. Disabling auto tuning in Windows 7 will help much on DNS lookup and network discovery and will eventually improve the data transfer speed across the network.

netsh command

result of the netsh command

  • Go to START / ACCCESSORIES /  right click on Command prompt and select Run as Administrator
  • Once the command prompt window opens you should be at C:WindowsSystem32>
  • Now type this command: netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled and press ENTER
  • Now to confirm that the auto tuning is disabled type this command: netsh interface tcp show global press ENTER
  • Now you should see that the Receive Windows Auto-Tuning level is DISABLED
  • Close the window and also you can restart your computer

… some people have success with this, some people have not …as always test it, test it, test it …

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