How to uninstall TrendMicro client if you don’t know the password

Recently someone – a friend called me that he has a computer with old TrendMicro antivirus client installed. He tried to uninstall the client via control panel and Add/Remove but in the process he is asked for password that is necessary for removal to complete. This computer is no longer part of the network where the admin has a choice to push from the server a new password or remove the requirements. However there is a way around how to remove the client if the computer is no longer part of the LIVE network and you do not know the password.

  • On the computer search for a file ofcscan.ini
  • Right click on the file and open with your choice editor (Scintila, Notepad ..)
  • Now search inside the file for section [INI_CLIENT_SECTION]
  • Under this section few lines down is a line that begins with Uninstall_Pwd and Unload_Pwd
  • Simply comment out these two lines by entering # in beginning of each line

Ofcscan_ini file

The Ofcscan.ini file is located in Windows XP in this path: C:Program FilesTrend MicroClient Server Security Agent

  • Now insert a new line saying Uninstall_Pwd=70
  • Save changes to ofcscan.ini file
  • Retry now uninstall the TrendMicro client
  • Once you are asked for the password enter ‘1’ and press Enter
  • That should do it for you and allow you to uninstall and remove the software from computer

Good Luck !

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