Ubuntu Linux – Cleaner script

As yo use the system on daily basis you also build a repository of junk on system that is left behind from any software installation. The system is like a good collector and keeps some fragments for “worse time” :-) and this unnecessary junk is just accumulating on your system and taking space.

Good news here, there is a free cleaner script released under GPL for your use that you can run on your Ubuntu or any Debian based system and clean the system up and remove these fragments left behind.


Ubucleaner is a simple bash script that help you to keep your computer clean.
– Clean apt cache
– Remove config files left from uninstalled .deb packages(it happens if you don’t use the –purge switch with apt-get)
– Remove every kernel except the one you are using
– Empty the trashes of every user(including root)

It uses apt and the kernel removing thing searches for ubuntu-only packages, so it can’t work on non-debian system and the result is undetermined for other debian-based system, but you can still use the other features of the script(you’ll just have to comment the parts you don’t want).

Script is available for download here

The installation is very easy:

1. Download the script

2. type sudo chmod +x ubucleaner.sh

3. and execute the script by typing ./ubucleaner.sh

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