Check if PATCH is installed on all your computers ..

There is very handy script that allows you to check remotely if certain patch is and has been installed on your network computers. You will need just download this simple VB script from here and create a text file with name computers.txt where you enter (one computer per line) all names of computers you intend to check.

Once you have both parts of this task, save them on the C:> drive. I named my script KB.vbs. Here is how to check for example for patch KB958644
  • Go to START > RUN and type cmd
  • You should have now opened your DOS window, just enter few times cd ..
  • Once you’are in prompt C:> type this command
  • C:>cscript KB.vbs computers.txt KB958644
  • Once the script finish, you should go back to C:> and there will be a text file with the result from this scan.

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