How to Backup/restore Voice mail – Nortel Norstar PBX

It is good practice to backup the voice mail before you start making any changes. Nortel is very easy to backup.

1. It is recommended that you have at least 7 floppy disks on hand – everything depends on how many voice mail accounts you have …

2. Press feature 983

3. Enter password (1002000)

4. Once you see on display MBOX AA OTHR enter 22

5. Insert a floppy into drive on the box and press on the phone CONT

If any call is active to the box you will see a notice on your display “CALLS completing” it is just because all calls must be idle to complete the backup

Now you should have on your display “Insert disk 1″ and options QUIT and OK, press OK. It will start backing up your voice mail programming, if more disks needed, you will see the instruction on your display.

Note: The display will continue to prompt for more disks until the backup is complete. When the backup is complete, the system will ask you to insert the disk # 1 to run a self test. This test just ensures that all the files have been backed up. Once all is completed and done… message appears “Backup Complete

Restore procedure is almost same, instead of code 22 you enter 33 and follow up the instruction on display – insert disk 1,2..etc till the message does not say” Restore complete”

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