BlackBerry 9000 – factory reset

Here is the day when I needed to reset my Black Berry 9000 Bold back to factory settings. For some reason the phone became unstable once I have installed few 3rd party software. It was acting funny and kind still busy and crashing on me. Best solutions – reset back to factory settings and install your favorite 3rd party applications one by one and see what is going on.

How do we reset the phone?

Click the BB button and now follow up these steps

1. Go to Options
2. Select Security Options
3. Select General Settings
4. Click the Menu key
5. Select Wipe Handheld
6. Click Continue
7. Type in the word blackberry

When you typed in the word “blackberry” and pressed enter == the wipe out process is initiated and you should wait till the process complete. Once completed, you should see license agreement on your screen to setup fresh your Blackberry.

In my case, this seems to be the fix on the instability and I hope now all is back in normal :-)

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