BlackBerry 9000 – Communication failure (can’t access web)

It seems that after these weeks of fighting with my unlocked Blackberry 9000 Bold, I am in process of writing troubleshooting guide :-) .

Here is the new issue with this device.

I am have my wireless ON, phone service w/3G ON, opened browser and try to open web page such as or .. getting error:

A Communication Failure occurred with the selected Mobile Data Service.The server may be busy, please try again later. If the problem persist contact your administrator.

I am able access only the web pages predefined in the browser such as BlackBerry page and Rogers Mall .. no other web pages are accessible from the device.

Here is the fix and troubleshooting (at least it works on my device):

1. In the browser click BB button | Options | Cache Operations

2. Clear all 3 items = Clear History | Pushed Content | Cookie Cache

3. Close the browser

4. Click BB button | Options | Advanced Options | Browser

5. You should now highlight the first line Default browser configuration: Internet Browser

6.Once clicked – you will have few options there, select Internet Browser and Save the settings

7. Open your browser and try to access any web page — it should now work without problem :-)

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