Active Directory

Find which Logon Server you Authenticated to ..

Sometimes there are situation that you need to troubleshoot Active Directory connectivity and you need to know to which server the user authenticated to.

There are few ways to find out this information:

Option #1:
Open command line and type and press Enter key.

 set logon

Once you press Enter key it will provide the information for you.

Option #2:
You can use PowerShell and once you open the prompt type in and press Enter key


And you will end up with same information about the server where the user authenticated to.

Also you can find out info about Domain Controller that was used to applied Group Policy to the machine in gpresult /r – generate the report and scroll down to COMPUTER SETTNGS section and you will see line Group Policy was applied from.

However make sure you check also the USER SETTINGS section in the report as the policy could be applied from a different server.

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