Reclaim your privacy with a Secure Phone

Everyone needs a phone. Not everyone wants to be spied on. Reclaim your privacy with GrapheneOS. Here is an opportunity for you to keep your phone secure and private as much as it can be.

Privacy these days is paramount.

“If I were configuring a smartphone today, I’d use DanielMicay’s GrapheneOS as the base operating system. I’d desolder the microphones.” Edward Snowden

NitroPhone is a much better product than we did with Blackphone.” Phil Zimmermann, inventor of PGP

Here is good solution for you created by German security company NitroKey. They have a  product that they call NitroPhone – the most secure phone build on Google hardware with GrapheneOS.

The NitroPhone combines security, privacy and ease of use with modern hardware. It is based on the high-quality Pixel 4a and GrapheneOS, the most hardened Android for professionals. Gain full control of your smartphone without Google and Apple!

  • Physical Tamper Protection
  • Protection from Spyware and Zero-Day Exploits
  • Privacy Protection- no Tracking, No Google
  • Easy usability
  • Open Source and attestations

The NitroPhone is great tool for :

  • Professionals who need a secure smartphone for sensitive data and communication.
  • People who want to use a privacy-friendly smartphone (without Google, without Apple).
  • Companies who want to provide their employees a secure smartphone.
  • Journalists, activists and NGOs who need to protect themselves and their contacts.

You can get more information on specs and purchase at NitroKey website.

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