Free DNS filtering services – block unsafe Web sites

There are thousands of infected and fraudulent Web sites on the Internet, with new ones popping up every day. So how do you know if a site is safe to visit? Simple. Use one of the  DNS filtering services. These services automatically block  unsafe Web sites and safe guards your device when you surf the Web.

If you are or were a user of OpenDNS service you might know by now that the FREE service for business is coming to its end. OpenDNS evolved and changing its service offerings and as of March 15, 2012 is trying to sign you up as a subscriber to use their DNS services. I have seen may complaints and posts in last few days as people are getting upset with the offering as OpenDNS has very strange if not too clear licensing structure. The price can be too expensive for some of small businesses or even enterprise to pay for the service.

The good news is that there are alternative providers for DNS filtering and are FREE or they also provide additional so called PRO services for a small fees.

  1. Norton DNS by Symantec
  2. DYN
  3. ScrubIT
  4. DNS Redirector

All these  services are great and easy to install on single computer or on your router so you can gen very nice control over DNS and filter out the unwanted traffic for your users on network or block unwanted content and sites and increase security layer for your home, business or company. The service is great and should be used by everyone  to minimize the risk of infection of your computers by malware and viruses well as provide extra layer of your security safeguards.Take complete control of your Internet experience by blocking unsafe or unwanted content based on categories or via custom white/black lists – simple and easy to set up and use.


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