Skype has stopped working on MS Windows 7 64bit

Christmas and almost entire holiday season is behind us. It was good to take little break from work and computer problems. However it seems like there is an issue that does not take break very easy especially during the Christmas time. I got few calls from friends that they could not use their Skype for calls since the have last time updated their machines. All of them are running on Microsoft Windows 7 64bit version and various Windows edition.

I have researched the issue as myself is running Windows 7 PRO x64bit edition and Skype and have no issues to call or chat over Skype. I have asked few questions around and it looks like majority of the issue with Skype is happening on Netbooks and with the MS Windows 7 Starter edition 64 bit.

Users can chat over Skype no problem but once they try to make a call the Skype stops working and give them exactly same error message:

Skype has stopped working Windows 7 64 bit

And then shuts down:-( I have checked almost all Skype forums and there are many people with this problem and of course everyone is blaming Microsoft :-). So get this long story short some people had good success and luck to fix this issue with these solutions:

  1. Unistall current version of Skype and install old version ( has old version under Freeware)
  2. Unistall Microsoft .net Framework 3 – 4 and reinstall Skype

And last solution that  majority  people reported as working solution:

  • Go to START > RUN and type  %appdata%skype
  • Press ENTER
  • You should be now in the C:Users%username%AppDataRoamingSkype  folder
  • Locate and delete this file Shared.xml
  • Reboot your computer and start your Skype
  • you should be good to go and use the Skype for chat and calls as before 🙂


Happy 2012 to all of you !

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