Microsoft Windows Server 2008 – built in Command line troubleshooting tools

Here is a short list of command line tools that are built in to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and can be used for troubleshooting of the server issues:

  • Auditpol : Displays information and manipulates audit policies. Chkdsk: Checks the file system of a volume for errors (physical and logical).
  • Dcdiag : Analyzes a domain controller’s state at the forest or enterprise level and reports any problems.
  • Gpresult : Displays the resultant set of policy information that can be used to identify issues with Group Policy.
  • Logman : Creates and manages event trace session and performance logs.Provides many of the functions of the Performance Monitor, but from the command line.
  • Nltest : Troubleshoots configurations on the OS.
  • Nslookup : Displays information you can use to diagnose DNS infrastructure.
  • Recover : Recovers readable information from a defective disk.
  • Repadmin : Diagnoses Active Directory replication problems between domain controllers.
  • Sc : Allows you to test and debug service programs.
  • Wevtutil : Retrieves information about event logs and publishers, installs event manifests, and runs queries. You can also use it to export, archive, and clear logs.

For more information on troubleshooting Windows Server 2008, see TECHNET article about troubleshooting Microsoft Windows Server 2008.



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