How to organize your RSS collection offline and sync with Google Reader

This tool which comes in two version LITE and PRO is one of the best in market if you are attached to reading many blogs or websites on daily basis. I am glad I have found it and I am happy user of this tool for few months.

The tool or software if you wish is called FeedDemon and currently there is a new update version 4.0 which nice new features that makes the life and use easier.

  • Free synchronization with Google Reader
  • Tagging – so you can use own keywords and tagging the articles
  • Sharing – so you can share some interesting articles with friends
  • Search feeds – set alert for your keywords of interest
  • Podcast – if there are media in the subscriptions, it will be automatically downloaded and added into your iTunes folder


The interface is very easy to use and it makes really a snap to keep updated and watch your RSS feeds of interest. Also it is very easy to configure to sync with Google Reader so if you are in the office or on road you can easily add new RSS into reader and latter sync back with your desktop.

It comes with two version as I have already mentioned. The LITE version has only basic features and is supported by ads. PRO version, once you upgrade for very reasonable and small fee unlock all the features and turn off the ads so you can enjoy really this software and your reading.

The developer of the software has also very good FAQ and support blog to troubleshoot any of your possible problems.

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