Black Berry 9900 – is freezing up when click on EMAIL or Text messages

Today I have just discovered very interesting issue with the latest Blackberry 9900. The BlackBerry 9900 phone is running the latest software version Bundle 1346. Basically what is happening for some reason I can click on any application icon and use the programs except of Mail and Text Messages. Once you click any of these two icons the BlackBerry phone stops responding and freezes up. You have to use BB button and Enter key to get out of it and switch to another application or to home screen. Once done it works again as long as you do not click on the Mail and Text Messages icon.

We have contacted Rogers Wireless and they have suggested to reload the Operating system on BlackBerry via Desktop Manager and here are the steps:

Please note that if you are getting JVM Error 501, JVM Error 517, JVM Error 535, JVM Error 547, JVM Error 548 on your BlackBerry screen then this instruction will not resolve the problem.
Please contact Rogers Wireless Tech Support at 1-866-931-3282 for repair or replacement options should your BlackBerry smartphone still fall under the warranty coverage.

If you require technical assistance with these instructions for your Blackberry, please contact our Live Support representatives at from your personal computer. Our hours of operation are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please ensure that your Blackberry device is not connected to the computer until prompted. If you have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed in your desktop computer then skip to Step 2.

Step 1: Installing the Blackberry Desktop Software

1) Click Hereto download Blackberry Desktop Manager 6.0 ( *** If you have Outlook 2000, Click here to download Desktop Manager 4.2 )
2) When prompted, select Save and save it in your Desktop.
3) Double-click on the file you saved to start the installer.
4) Select the Language and click OK
5) Click Next to begin the Installation.
6) Select country or region then click Next.
7) Accept terms and conditions then click Next.
8) Leave the installation location to default and click Next.
9) Check whether or not you want the Blackberry Desktop Software shortcut on your desktop and click Install.
10) Once installation is complete, Click Finish to start the Blackberry Desktop Software.

Step 2: Backup the Data from your Blackberry

1) Open Blackberry Desktop Manager 6.
2) Connect your device to the computer.
3) If there is an update for your device, a window will pop up with An updated version of Blackberry Desktop software is available. Do you want to install the Update? Click Update Later.
4) Click on Back up now button near the middle of the screen.
5) A new window will appear, Select Full for backup type then click Back up. (Please wait upto 30 minutes for full backup)

Step 3: Reloading the Operating System through Blackberry Desktop Softare

1) Click on Device in the top left corner. (Ensure that your BlackBerry is connected and Desktop Manager is open)
2) Select Update my Device
3) Click on View other versions.
4) Select the checkbox that has (currently installed).
5) Click on Install.
6) A new window will pop up with Data Backup and Email Notifications.
7) Uncheck Back up device data and Email me when new versions are available.
8) Click Install update.
9) A warning message will come up, Click OK.
10) Your device will begin the reload and may take up to 30 minutes.  Do not disconnect the phone or remove the battery while the reload is in progress.  Once the loader indicates it has completed successfully you may disconnect the device.

Well, let me tell you this did not work at all and I am getting the same issue. However,  think I found the solutions. This is happening as I have noticed because some applications need to be upgraded and if I looked closer at the screen — noticed that I have 10 application waiting to be upgraded. So I have clicked on the App World application icon.


Reviewed the list of application that needed to be upgraded. Some of them such as BlackBerry messenger. I did upgraded those application and some not essential applications such as games, I have deleted and removed from the BlackBerry phone. Upgrades completed and  I was asked to reboot the BlackBerry phone. Once rebooted and all software has been upgraded all is working again in the same speed as it suppose to. The BlackBerry phone does not stop responding or freezing up and I am able to use again Mail, Text Messaging as before. It looks to me there was some sort of memory space issue as probably the applications were taking too much space so the Mail and Text Messaging could not load and fire up.

Hopefully it helps someone else, this is what I have done with my phone today and all is back in business and work. Let me know in comments of it worked or not.

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