How to export certificate from the Firefox browser

Today was the day that only few days left before I have to renew my CACert certificate. I have signed in to my CACert console and added a new email I want to have included in my certificate. Once done I have click on RENEW and the process completed quickly. I was doing this in the Google Chrome browser. Once renewal completed you get email with link to collect your certificate or you can click in redirection link and you should be able to get your new certificate. Unfortunately this did not work for me in Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. I have installed latest Mozilla Firefox 6. Got the warning about certificate, added the exception and was taken to my collection link. Once certificate has been installed, I got message that my certificate is now successfully installed.

In order to import it to for example to your Outlook and use it as the signature and sign your emails and communication you have to first export the certificate from the browser store. Here are the steps how to do it in Mozilla Firefox 6.

  • Open your Mozilla Firefox 6 browser and click on Tools on toolbar and select Options

  • Click on Advanced tab and click on Encryption tab in submenu
  • Click on View Certificates

  • Click on Your Certificates tab
  • You should see now your certificate in the window
  • Click on the certificate and click on Backup button

  • You will be prompted for location where you want to save your certificate
  • Select Desktop, name in for example like in my case with my name and click SAVE

  • It will be saved in PKCS12 format which is not much in your use
  • You will be asked to also enter password to protect your certificate backup
 To export and save your certificate for use as a signature you have to export it in different format.
  • Click on the certificate and click on View

  • Now you can see properties of the certificate, click on Details tab

  • Click on EXPORT button to export your certificate in the right format

  • You will be prompted to name the certificate – use again your name – this time you exporting the certificate in X.509 (PEM) format
  • Click Save – and your certificate is exported and ready to use in your Outlook for digital signature 🙂

That is it.

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