Great Plains 10 with CRM online – Customer to Account integration failed

Here is the setup:

  • On site Great Plains SP5 running on Microsoft Server 2003 SP2 x64
  • On site Web Services or Great Plains installed on Microsoft Server 2003 SP2 x86
  • Microsoft CRM Dynamics – online solution on demand

All settings have been configured and we are now trying to connect our onsite Great Plains with online CRM and sync accounts from Great Plains to our CRM account. This is one way operation. However all test connectivity between GP and CRM on Web Services are passing, no data is written or transferred between those two. Check and view the log for the map and the integration has failed and there is the error message.

[Customer to Account] has encountered an error. Processing will be aborted. The operation encountered an unhandled system exception. Contact your system administrator for details.

Now is time to investigate what is going on and now you should check the logs for the Great Plains Connector as well as for the web services. So I have checked the DynamicsWebServicesExceptionsConsole and see another error message. Now this is little bit better error message:

Auditing for the Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.ChangeCustomerKey[] type has not been enabled on deletes.

So little bit research around this “better” error message shows that we had not configured correctly the Great Plains Connector.

Let’s get to see the settings and correct this error message:

  • Go to START > PROGRAMS >
  • Click on REQUEST SETUP and Request Setup
  • Request Setup Tool will open in new window on your screen

Once the Request Setup Tool windows opens, click on toolbar and click on Connection Settings

You will see Connection Setting popup window, if the fields are empty – this is one part of problem. You have to enter the SQL instance name and Database Name which you intent to use in this integration J

Click Save and you are back in the Requester Setup Tool. Now you have to click Connect and you should get SUCCESS message. This means the connection is now active and works. In second part you will need now click on DELETE tab in toolbar and scroll down till you see the items that starts with Modified*.

As you see in this screenshot above, make sure to put checkmark to next each of the DOCTYPE item that starts with Modified*, once checked click on UPDATE on toolbar and you should get SUCCESS message in the bottom of the screen. Once this is done, close the Requester Setup Tool and go back to Connector and DEACTIVATE and ACTIVATE the integration. Give it few seconds. If all is correct you should start to see messages that the data I being written and brought over to CRM from your Great Plains server.

Great … the integration between Microsoft Great Plains 10 SP5 and CRM Dynamics online is back in business and you can move on next step to customize your CRM and the other work J

I hope it helps, drop a note in the comments if you have different solution.

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