How to export your data (backup) from Salesforce

I came to the point when I need to export all the data from Salesforce as I am moving to different platform. SalesForce is offering export of all you data in few easy steps.

You can export data on these terms:
1. Enterprise and Unlimited Salesforce subscription – Daily, Weekly, Monthly
2. All editions support Monthly export of your data

You can generate backup files manually once every six days (for weekly export) or 28 days (for monthly export). You can also schedule backup files to generate automatically at weekly or monthly intervals.

1. Sign in with the admin rights
2. In right upper corner click on your user ID and select Setup
3. In new screen go to the left down and under Administration Setup click Data Management

4. Under Data Management click Data Export

5. Now select the format, select more option and under Exported Data you can now select one or INCLUDE ALL DATA to export everything
6. Click on Start Export
7. You will see messages that the export started and you will be notify once the process completed
8. Once you receive email with the link, click the link and you will be able to download the entire data backup in zip file. Once you unzipped the file, you have it in Excel CVS format and you can now keep it on side for archive or modify the file offline.

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