GP Dynamics 10: Cannot access this form because the dictionary containing it is not loaded

Well, another trouble with the Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics 10. Suddenly one of the new users have issues and getting this error message:

Cannot access this form because the disctionary containing it is not loaded

So the research started and I have found few tricks and tips on Partner Source site but they did not work. Finally I have found a good advise from different resource and here are the steps how to fix it:

  1. Go into Tools > Setup > System > Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports
  2. if you get a popup for password — type in the system password to access the admin resources
  3. Select the user, select a product, select ‘Windows’.
  4. Set all security back to the default form
Also do these steps:
  1. Go into Tools > Utilities > System > Reconcile and reconcile ‘Security Assignment Alternate/Modified Operations’
  2. That is it 🙂

Have the user log of and on to GP and all should work again …

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