Google Apps and Offisync

Offisync – it is a plugin for MS Office that supports Google Apps. Once you have downloaded the plugin from the vendor site Offisync or from the Google Market place, install it on your computer. Offisync plugin supports all MS Office suites 2003/2007 and as well the latest 2010 and works with these MS Office applications: MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power Point. There are 2 versions of Offisync. One is FREE and other is PAID licensed version but the price is not that high and is worth it if you daily work with MS applications and you want to save the file seamlessly to your Google Apps docs.


  • Open and Save documents directly to Google Docs and Google Sites
  • Simultaneous group editing and collaboration
  • Automatically merge changes from locally stored documents with ones stored on Google
  • Access your files from any computer, even one without MS Office suite
  • Share and set permissions using email address on Google Apps contact
  • Import templates, images and web content right out of MS Office documents

OffiSync significantly helps users to improve the way they create, collaborate and share their documents by integrating Microsoft Office Suite with Google Docs and Google Apps. The plugin once installed creates additional small tab on toolbar where are placed all functions for Offisync. Installation is very simple and easy.

  • Download the installation package to your computer from OffiSync website
  • Click on the installation file and start installation

  • The first thing the OffiSync will run check on your system to see if you have all requirements installed
  • Click Install to continue in installation

  • Click Next to continue in installtion

  • Wait for the installation to complete the process

  • Once completed, click Finish

  • If everything went fine with no problems, you will get a confirmation message that the plugin installed successfully.
  • Now open your MS Office application such as Word, Excel and Power Point and you will see a new tab on toolbar named OffiSync

Now you can start using the featured offeredby this great pluging and add-on for MS Office that works with Google Apps J

Who can use OffiSync?

  • The current version of OffiSync requires Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating systems.
  • OffiSync requires Microsoft’s .net framework version 3.5 and will automatically install it on PCs that don’t have it installed.
  • OffiSync requires Office 2003, Office 2007 or office 2010

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