Rogers Wireless no longer support online Black Berry registration …

I just switched to new Black Berry Torch 9800 and tried to go trough steps to register the phone with my provider the Rogers wireless as usual to be able to receive emails. There is a change. Rogers no longer support the online Black Berry registration to their Black Berry BIS as they could not keep up with service requests from users to reset their passwords to access the portal.  I do not blame them 🙂 .. this was separate service and add on for them to provide users with this portal. Actually I like this as the setup of emails is very simple and can be done in few steps on the Black Berry itself. How ? Well, stay tuned as I am working on the “How to” posts for this new Black Berry 🙂

Here is the official email Rogers:

**BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) Update**
Email setup is now only available on the BlackBerry for new customers
Beginning September 10, 2010, new BlackBerry ® customers must use their BlackBerry device to set up their BIS email address. The online activation/set-up option is no longer available to new BlackBerry customers.
Please note that existing customers using the online functionality will not be impacted and may continue to use the online BIS activation/set-up option.
Why are we removing the online set-up functionality?
Customers attempting to manage their email addresses on often forget their password, which results in a high number of password-related calls in to the call centres. Customers who set up their BIS email on their device don’t need a password since the device saves their username and password after initial setup.
What changes on our websites?
New BlackBerry customers will no longer have the option to create a new account using Research In Motion’s BIS email website located at . Customers must be directed to their device to set up their email.
For more information, please contact your Rogers representative.

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