Microsoft has released new Windows Live Essentials 2011

As of September 30, 2010  Microsoft has released for public availability new generation of applications called Windows Live Essentials 2011. This new set of application in one package contains in total 7 new rewritten and improved applications:

  1. Windows Live Photo gallery
  2. Movie Maker
  3. Mesh
  4. Messenger
  5. Mail
  6. Writer
  7. Family Safety

As you can see there all same as in previous versions except one new added application Mesh. Mesh is an application that allows you to sync selected folders on multiple computers with Microsoft SkyDrive service. As well this application allows you to use remote secure connection to your computer where you have the Mesh installed. Find out how to connect to your pc with  Mesh 2011

Another improvement is also visible in Photo Gallery application. There are two major improvements. One of them is face recognition function and second is feature Photo Fuse. The Face recognition feature is great tool, finding photos in your collection is easier than ever. Photo Fuse enables you to combine the best parts of two or more photos (group pictures) into a single composite photo. Here is a You Tube video on Photo Gallery use – link

Great improvement is noted also in the new version of messenger as the new version now supports HD video chat, video messages and has

Mail application allows now send email message with 10GB of photo pictures in connection with use of your SkyDrive as well as with archived in your email inbox.

This new version does not support previous versions of Ms Windows operating system and is supported only on the newest operating systems such as MS Windows 7, MS Vista SP2, Windows Server SP2 as well MS Windows Server R2. Ms Windows XP has been left out from this update as Microsoft is intentionally trying to push customers to upgrade their computers to Windows 7 platform.

Windows Live Essentials 2011 is FREE and now available for download from this link

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