MS Outlook 2007 – when replying to message – text font is huge

It happened today … I was working on my emails in Outlook 2007 and everything seemed to be OK till I have clicked reply and the font in the message was suddenly huge. Strange enough that this was only happening if new email message is being created or in reply to received messages. If clicked on the received email, it shows fine in reading panel and with correct font size 10.
Well, it seems that this has been caused by my mouse with the scroll option as I must somehow changed the Zoom size in my email. This problem can be fixed very easy:

  1. by opening a new message or hit reply on any message
  2. on the menu bar in the message click on Format Text
  3. now you will see ZOOM on the menu bar, click there on ZOOM
  4. change the size of ZOOM to 100% 
  5. close the message and everything should be back in normal
Zoom tool in Outlook 2007

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