Dell / Kace – secure browser

Dell is another company that is trying to keep users safe online with the new virtualized web browser – the name is Kace Secure browser.This browser is developed by system-management appliance firm KACE and the DELL. This similar technology can be found already in Google Chrome web browser. Kace Secure Browser is based on Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and has already installed the Adobe Reader and Flash plug-ins. This browser also offers to configure White/Black list to permanently block or allow specific websites or any processes that are launched during browsing. You can also find here a reset button that helps you to take control over the browser in case any malware is encountered.
System requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • 32bit ONLY as 64bit is not supported at this time

More info on the browser:

  • Virtualizing the Browser white paper here
  • More info on KACE Secure Browser and download here
  • This is a FREE tool

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