BlackBerry support,repair and service

What are going to do if your BlackBerry phone dies? Yes, you will contact manufacture as I have to do as my phone is unlocked and purchased from reseller instead of the mobile phone service provider. Unfortunately this time the “White screen of Death with error code 200” cannot be resolved and the phone is useless and brick. RIM BlackBerry has basically for customers two option:

Exchange Service

The Exchange service program applies to both in warranty and out of warranty BlackBerry smart phones. The program is designed to minimize downtime when you are experiencing technical difficulties with your BlackBerry smart phone.

A replacement, refurbished smart phone will be exchanged for your damaged or failed smart phone. This replacement BlackBerry smart phone will become your permanent smart phone.

Repair and Return Program

If your BlackBerry smart phone is out of warranty, you can return your damaged or failed smart phone to RIM for repair through the Repair and Return service program.

Your smart phone will be returned to you once repaired. RIM reserves the right to swap out a smart phone under the repair program.You are responsible for the pre-paid, return delivery of the damaged or failed smart phone, so we recommend you retain a copy of the courier waybill to verify proof of delivery if required.

Contact the BlackBerry® Customer Contact Center at 1-877-255-2377. Please be prepared to provide the ESN of your BlackBerry® smart phone. A Contact Center Representative will work with you to provide a timely solution to your problem. Many technical difficulties can be solved through hard resets and software reloads.

More info on the service here

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