iTop desktop

Easy Desktop manager for your Windows machine

A clean and neat desktop will make you comfortable as well as boost your daily productivity.
iTop Easy Desktop manages your desktop icons, files, and folders according to how you want them. With iTop Easy Desktop, you can, groups of icons automatically, letting you remember, navigate, and associate icon placements more efficiently and intuitively with rules you create – an improvement over the regular windows desktop.

iTop Easy Desktop Auto organizes documents, videos, folders, apps, etc., to boxes on the desktop, helping maintain a cleaner look. You can even set up multiple pages or setup secret box with pin password.

iTop desktop

You can easily adjust color, transparency, and fonts for any folder, and there is an excellent little Quick Search function to help you locate items quickly. You can also mirror folders to the desktop and access any files rapidly.

iTop Easy Desktop is easy to use and light on the resources making it a fun way to change things up and make your desktop more effective.

I found this tool very useful to manage files and folders on my desktop .. finally it is keeping clean and clear 🙂

Manual how to install and setup various features can be found here.

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