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What is God Mode in Windows 11

What is God Mode in Windows 11?

The so-called God Mode is a direct access to over 200 system administration tools. It gets this curious name because many Windows settings can be adjusted by accessing it.

However, it is necessary to de-mystify this mode of Microsoft’s operating system. With this mode, you will only find functions that can be accessed by command, from the configuration application or the control panel. Therefore, the God Mode is just a folder full of shortcuts to tools included in the operating system or to specific sections of these tools.

God Mode is available for Windows 11, Windows 10 and older versions, and it comes as a regular folder that contains sorted and enhanced shortcuts for most of the PC’s most important settings. It comes in handy since it makes all of those shortcuts available and accessible without searching for them. In addition, activating Windows God Mode is easy and risk-free. However, users should be cautious when changing Windows settings in general.

Create a God Mode Folder

  • Right-click on an empty space on the desktop, select New and choose Folder.
  • Paste the following line in the name of the folder and hit Enter


  • Right-click again on a free desktop space and select Refresh.
  • Your folder will look like a Control Panel icon after refresh.
  • Double-click the new God Mode folder.



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