The MySQL Workshop

The MySQL Workshop: A practical guide to working with data and managing databases with MySQL

Another good book to have as a reference on your desk if you are working with MySQL databases. It really cover everything from beginning to to the end.

The MySQL Workshop: A practical guide to working with data and managing databases with MySQL

Learning MySQL just got a whole lot easier, thanks to this hands-on workshop, complete with simple explanations, engaging examples, and realistic exercises that focus on helping you to build and maintain databases effectively. Use MySQL effectively with common business applications such as Excel and MS Access

As you work through bite-sized exercises and activities, you’ll learn how to use different MySQL tools to create a database and manage the data within it. You’ll see how to transfer data between a MySQL database and other sources, and use real-world datasets to gain valuable experience of manipulating and gaining insights from data. As you progress, you’ll discover how to protect your database by managing user permissions and performing logical backups and restores.

Some Objectives :

  • Understand the concepts of relational databases and document stores
  • Use SQL queries, stored procedures, views, functions, and transactions
  • Connect to and manipulate data using MS Access, MS Excel, and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Read and write data in the CSV or JSON format using MySQL
  • Manage data while running MySQL Shell in JavaScript mode
  • Use X DevAPI to access a NoSQL interface for MySQL
  • Manage user roles, credentials, and privileges to keep data secure
  • Perform a logical database backup with mysqldump and mysqlpump

Table of Contents

  • Background Concepts
  • Creating a Database
  • Using SQL to Work with a Database
  • Selecting, Aggregating, and Applying Functions
  • Correlating Data across Tables
  • Stored Procedures and Other Objects
  • Creating Database Clients in Node.js
  • Working with Data using Node.js
  • Microsoft Access Part 1
  • Microsoft Access Part 2
  • MS Excel VBA and MySQL – Part 1
  • MS Excel VBA and MySQL – Part 2
  • Getting Data into MySQL
  • Manipulating User Permissions
  • Logical Backups

If you’re totally new to MySQL, it’ll help you get started or if you’ve used MySQL before, it’ll fill in any gaps, consolidate key concepts, and offer valuable hands-on practice. Prior knowledge of simple SQL or basic programming techniques will help you in quickly grasping the concepts covered, but is not necessary.

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The MySQL Workshop

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